Preparing For Camping Safely And Efficiently

The great outdoors are not so far from human reach as some believe. If you're not an outdoorsy type or haven't been on a camping trip in years, it's worth brushing up on a few outdoor living and survival concepts before heading out of civilization to reconnect with nature. Just because there's a bit of primal survival within everyone doesn't mean things can't go very poorly for the unprepared, so review the following areas before your next trip.

Review Weather Conditions

There are many different reasons to go camping, and the conditions may or may not matter depending on what you want to get out of the trip. Still, if you're able to read articles on the internet, there's really no reason not to get a rough estimate of the weather during your next trip.

A 7-day forecast is about more than just planning around rain or hail. Surviving in a storm is something that requires its own separate set of planning, and while that may be a nice challenge for an individual making their own choice, family trips shouldn't put loved ones at risk.

There is a happy medium between perfect days and terrible hurricanes that still needs a bit of planning. Rain storms, for example, can lead to flooding and ruined equipment if your campsite selection isn't proper for conditions. That great, flat area may be fine for everything but rain if it's a place where rain collects.

Proper Packing And Salvaging Of Supplies

It's possible to combine a picnic of great foods with the survival needs of a camping trip. Be sure to have the bare essentials prepared to survive for a few days in addition to the meals you want to enjoy in the great outdoors just in case something unforeseen happens to your fancier feasts.

Food expiration in the outdoors can turn a well-stocked camper pantry into a spoiled mess with nothing to eat if your camping party becomes stranded, but having a few vacuum-sealed snacks in an emergency storage can make a huge difference. There's nothing wrong with keeping some trail mix, dried meats, and equipment for fishing or hunting on hand.

First Aid Knowledge

It's unfortunate, but accidents can happen on an outdoor trip. Whether it's an almost drowned swimmer at a lake or an allergic reaction to vegetation, you and your fellow campers need to know a few first aid techniques.

Knowing how to slow bleeding, clean off wounds, and perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) are just a few necessary techniques. You also need to know how to prepare a first aid kit and build upon that kit, as specific camping conditions may call for adding different tools or medications to mitigate specific circumstances.

Contact a first aid and outdoor preparedness professional to discuss what you need to bring with you for a pleasant trip, and what you need to do if the trip turns unpleasant. For more information, check out American Heart Association - AED $40 CPR LLC - Certification Training Classes.  

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