Four Advantages Of Montessori Child Care Centers Over Conventional Facilities

Parents have so much to consider these days, and one of the biggest decisions for many families is what kind of day care center they should send their child to. Choosing a facility that is safe is paramount, of course, but the secondary concern is choosing a child care center that shares your child rearing philosophy and the educational goals you have for your child. While there are many teaching methods out there, of the best philosophies is the Montessori method. Here is a look at what you can expect if you enroll your child in a facility with this innovative, progressive philosophy.

The Montessori Facility Is Child-Centered

Traditional day care facilities are often nothing more than children following the strict schedule designed by the child care workers. This is a schedule designed for their convenience, and it is often akin to institutionalized care, with no room for deviation.

With the Montessori method, children are treated as individuals, with the recognition that what one child needs at a particular time may not be what every child needs. Allowing children to express and direct their needs develops self-autonomy.

The Montessori Facility Encourages Creativity

Montessori teachers simply serve as guides for the children. The children are given the freedom to choose which activities they want to work on and how long they want to do so. Rather than being directed to follow specific ways of doing things, they can explore, experiment, and create, thereby teaching themselves and learning in the style that best suits their individual needs.

The Montessori Facility Provides Learning Opportunities Based On Developmental Stages

Children all develop at their own pace, but they also all need to learn the same fundamental skills at the same developmental stages. By providing learning opportunities that are age-appropriate, coupled with allowing them to choose from the available activities, each child can choose their own path to self-mastery. And when they are ready, they can move on to the next developmental stage. They are neither rushed nor hindered in their development. Instead, they work at their own pace.

The Montessori Facility Provides Hands-On Learning Opportunities

In traditional day care centers, learning is often nothing more than story time and a group activity that essentially keeps the children busy for a while. Then, it is back to ensuring the schedule is adhered to, whether that be sending the children off to play with random toys or going down for their naps. A Montessori facility utilizes learning stations that provide plenty of opportunity for the child to uses their senses while they choose what to work on, all with the guidance of a Montessori-trained teacher.

For more information, contact local child care centers.

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