Six Things To Know About Montessori Preschools If You're Deciding Where To Send Your Child

Choosing which preschool to send your child to is an important decision. Your child's preschool experience can have a significant impact on how well your child adjusts to academic environments later in life. The following are six things to know about Montessori preschools if you're deciding where to send your child. 

Montessori preschool teaching is appropriate to a child's stage of development.

One of the reasons why the Montessori method of teaching is so successful is because it teaches according to the stage of development a particular child is at. Students at different ages are taught skills and subjects that are appropriate to their age. For example, preschool-age children in Montessori programs work on activities such as developing motor and language skills. Preschool children are also brought out to learning experiences in the community to learn in order to socialize and can be taught to do arts and crafts. 

Learning in a Montessori preschool is focused on the child's perspective.

It's important that learning programs accommodate the unique needs and capabilities of children. Montessori preschools are child-centered so that everything in the classroom is designed to be accessible and usable by the students. 

Montessori preschools can help a child to become self-disciplined.

Self-discipline is essential for achieving success in life. That's why there is a focus on self-discipline in Montessori preschool programs.

Though children are allowed a lot of freedom, they also must follow certain rules. The self-discipline that a preschool student acquires in a Montessori program helps them excel later in their academic career. 

Students at Montessori preschools are encouraged to develop their creativity.

Preschool is a great time for students to develop creativity. Children in Montessori preschools are encouraged to take pleasure in the process of creating something. They are also taught about different cultures to encourage open-mindedness and inquisitiveness about the world around them. 

Montessori preschool curriculum can be individualized to the student.

Students tend to thrive when their education can be personalized according to their unique needs and interests. Montessori preschools individualize learning for students when possible.

Students learn at their own pace in Montessori programs and are encouraged to explore new challenges according to their interests. 

Students at Montessori preschools learn to work together and cooperate at a young age.

It's important for preschool-aged students to learn to work together and to empathize with their fellow students. Montessori preschools teach students to work together with others in their class. This sets them on the right track to becoming productive members of society. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking to enroll your child in a preschool near you.

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